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"Somewhere, Club members only" is delivered by Somewhere, who is working on the theme of "discovering the true soul of art and music for artists and experiencing unique and innovative live performances". It is a membership service.

In addition to viewing limited content, we offer various services such as purchasing event tickets, shopping online, and subscribing to free e-mail newsletters.

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●Payment method, credit card settlement


A monthly basis course standard course

somewhere memberID is issued when I subscribe it in the 550 yen (tax-included) somewhere member ID book site for one month.

somewhere memberID becomes the common account to be able to use the event ticket purchase, online shopping, the subscription of the free e-mail magazine for.

After resigning from a new sign-in monthly basis course, a person (the one that an interval finished in = reentry session) who passed more than 30 days comes to need a new sign-in.

The one that does not have somewhere memberID subscribes one registered for the first time newly